Our Story

While traveling abroad, Michelle discovered a small apothecary shop in Brighton, England, which offered nature-inspired bath body products. Finding inspiration from that experience,  she began a passion for herbs, essential oils, and aromatic essences. With a deep core desire to one day have a shop of her own. In 2007, she began selling bath body products through in-home spa parties, where she learned how to develop her own business through storytelling and sharing her love for nature-inspired bath and body.

In 2009, Michelle was ready to try her hand at making soap. After a lengthy tour in Iraq, Dan (her husband) and Michelle began their Soapmaking Journey. Through numerous trials and failures and many successes, they found the perfect formula for their soap.

Soapmaking in Perry Ga
Northside Drive

We originally started making soap out of our kitchen like many others but quickly discovered that we needed a separate space to make soap. Our first location was in Warner Robins, Georgia, but we were ready to expand within a few short years and Perry, Georgia, was the perfect place to start. In 2012, we made a move to Perry.

We enjoyed creating a working studio making soap and sharing our love for it through classes and workshops. We had students from all over the world attend our classes.

Then magic happened in 2015, opening our retail store on Carroll Street in downtown Perry Ga.

Moving to
Carroll Street

In 2015, we decided to move forward and open a brick-and-mortar retail store on Carroll Street in Historic Downtown Perry. In 2018, with a need to connect our community with our product making, we decided to combine our soap-making studio on Northside Drive and the location on Carroll Street. We completely remodeled the store and outfitted the back area with a kitchen area. We began making products in the small backspace of the retail store. But due to the Covid crisis in 2020, we discovered we could no longer offer classes due to social distancing. We began a new search for another makers space once again.

Makers Facility
Ball Street

In Feb 2021, we expanded once again into a 1500 sq ft makers space. Professional Classes and Workshops have resumed. We are looking forward to a bright future continuing to provide our local community with natural made bath body products.

We feel blessed to reside in a community that supports small businesses and understands the need for our little bath body shop on Carroll Street.

Meet The Makers & shakers

Dan R.

CFO, Founder, Soapmaker

Michelle R.

CEO, Formulator, Maker

Ivy R.

Retail Sales Supervisor

Chelsie C.

Assistant Manager, Retail Sales

Robert G.

Lead Soap Maker

diversity and community

We strive to make sure our team feels respected, included, and heard—where everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work every day. We are present for each other and strive for empathic action in every moment. At our core is the idea that we demonstrate the deepest part of our humanity through interacting with each other and showing we care.

Our retail store

915 Carroll Street, Downtown Perry Ga

Tues- Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday, Closed

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