Restore and

Nourish the soul

with our natural plant based skincare.

Pure Oils & Butters

ARGAN OIL- Argan oil is known as a regenerator for the skin. It is a native evergreen tree to Africa, drought tolerant with seeds of high nutritional content. High in Vitamin E and antioxidants, contain anti-inflammatory properties.

AVOCADO OIL- This oil is an excellent oil that penetrates the skin layers easily without clogging pores. It contains lots of vitamin E and other vitamins that help with skin damage, skin protection, and regeneration. It is easily absorbed and offers UV protecting and anti-oxidizing. The oil is obtained from the kernels and is an evergreen tree native to the Americas. It has properties of restorative, antibacterial, rejuvenating and moisturizing.

COCOA BUTTER- Removed from the cocoa bean, refined and deodorized to an ultra-white colored butter with little color introduced in handmade products. Native to Central America; used for dryness of skin, wrinkles, wounds, and inflammation. Contains an alkaloid component that has a stimulating effect.

CASTOR OIL- Helps soften and seal in moisture on the skin. It has humectant properties, with antibacterial, antifungal and analgesic distinctions. It absorbs slowly into the skin. It is produced from the castor seed, whose origin is in the USA.

COCONUT OIL- Rich in lauric acid that has significant anti-oxidizing properties. This oil contains other benefits of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-itching. Softening and moisturizing properties create supply environments on the skin and scalp.

JOJOBA OIL- Absorbs readily into the skin, improving skin elasticity and improving fine lines for aging skin. The vegetable wax/oil is obtained from the bean, this evergreen shrub native to the southwestern part of the USA and northern Mexico provides a stable oil with properties of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and emollient. The shelf life is up to two years when stored correctly. This oil does not block pores as it forms a non-occlusive layer on the skin, softening while penetrating.

 OLIVE OIL- Best oil for post-sun exposure and considered an excellent oil for dry skin. It acts as a humectant with anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent skin cell regeneration, fabulous for soap-making! Its origin of unrefined is Spain if pomace USA. Perfect oil for conditioning, cleansing, absorbing and filtering.

RICE BRAN OIL- Absorbs quickly into the skin, high in Vitamin E, helps slow down the aging process. It is native to Asia with a variety of uses, including mood lifting, sun care, hair care, and skin care. It is high in fatty acids with antioxidant properties, while conditioning and softening the skin.

SHEA BUTTER- High in vitamin and mineral quality, known to help dry skin issues. It melts at skin temperature with a natural aroma.

SUNFLOWER OIL-Absorbs quickly into the skin, high Vitamin E content and makes for a great massage oil, a native from America, with over 110 varieties within the family. Used in tonic for the hair. It is considered a light oil with antiseptic and emollient properties.