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Herbs & Botanicals

BURDOCK ROOT- Suitable for any systemic rash conditions, such as psoriasis. Antiseptic. Useful for bites, stings, animal bites and boils.

CALENDULA- Calendula is good for soothing inflamed tissues, reducing pain and aids in the quick healing of cuts and abrasions. Calendula is known for having healing properties. Another name for it is pot marigold. Excellent for skin rashes and eczema.

CAYENNE PEPPER- The Capsicum in peppers helps with muscle pain, strains, and arthritis. It creates heat naturally but can be irritating to the skin. It can also be used for COLD FEET.

CHICKWEED- This herb helps with dryness and itching.  Perfect for psoriasis, insect bites/flea bites and boils. Helps promote healing.

COMFREY ROOT POWDER/LEAF- Precious in the treatment of all types of skin, bone, and muscle injuries. Comfrey helps wounds to heal quickly. Use for burns, blisters, broken bones, and inflammations. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. It is comprised of Allantoin which helps promote healing by rapid cellular re-growth.

CHAMOMILE- Chamomile can be used internally as a tea and externally.  It has both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. As a mild relaxant, it is also used to help calm and promote peaceful sleep.

ECHINACEA- Good to use on bee stings, insect stings to help promote healing.

FENUGREEK POWDER- This herb is useful to use for skin conditions such as with boils, abscesses, burns, eczema, and gout.

GOLDENSEAL POWDER- It is an excellent antimicrobial and for the use of skin inflammation.  The American Indians use to also use it as a natural colorant (yellow).

HORSE CHESTNUT- It has been utilized in the treatment of varicose veins in poultices.  It contains an ingredient called “Aescin” (Aesculus hippocastanum) which works as an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor for the treatment of varicose veins.

HORSETAIL LEAF- Is safe for the treatment of inflamed skin conditions, boils, brittle nails, foot infections, stimulating hair growth, strength, and conditioning of your hair.

NETTLE LEAF POWDER- This plant is used to treat skin problems such as arthritis, gout, hemorrhoids, hair problems, psoriasis, also helps relieve joint pain and muscle aches.

PASSION FLOWER/LAVENDER- Passionflower has been known to help with relieving pain, anxiety, reduces spasms, drug withdrawal, and sleep problems. Combining this with lavender essential oil helps make this an excellent relaxing balm to use before bedtime to promote peaceful sleep. 

PLANTAIN LEAF- Considered as the band-aid plant, suitable for wound healing and inflammation.  It is ideal for use on insect bites because it is a cooling effect. It is an excellent antimicrobial for help in killing germs and reduce swelling.

JOHN’S WORT- Good for minor wounds and burns and to prevent scarring. May help to avoid infection.  It is ideal for treatment with sunburns.

YARROW FLOWERS-Great for wound healing and help stop minor bleeding. Can be used for hemorrhoids, nose bleeds, helps fight bacteria, healing eczema and has been used to treat arthritis.